Stress and Nervousness

Stress and nervousness put a strain on the nervous system and can reduce the quality of life, affect the quality of sleep, have a negative impact on relationships and family and, if prolonged, can also lead to illness. If you feel like you're suffering from persistent negative stress, that is, stress that's unrelated to positive excitement and the achievement of a specific goal in the near future, it can be helpful to take a closer look at your life circumstances. By doing so, the causes of stress as well as how you deal with stressful situations in your life become tangible. Physically, stress often means becoming smaller: we shrug our shoulders, clench our jaws, frown our eyebrows, breathe more shallowly, take less space, less time for our needs and have the feeling that we don't have enough time. There are valuable techniques that you can learn through bodywork and coaching to get out of this cramped state, to regain a clear head and a relaxed attitude. Coaching can also help to identify the factors that trigger the stress and to find possible solutions, as well as identifying people who may be putting too much pressure on us and who have unrealistic expectations of us.