What Clients Say...

Recommendation for people who are skeptical about coaching

Highly experienced woman who recognizes within a very short time where your problem lies - and who then tickles it out of you with clever questions at eye level... Thanks to her, I've made wise decisions in my life on several occasions and to this day I don't regret a cent that I spent on consulting with her! And it doesn't matter whether it's classic conversations on an armchair or body-oriented work - both highly recommended!

Anonymous, Jameda review


For me it's about a fairly chronic and complex problem with social fears, exam anxiety and a general lack of self-esteem. In addition, I was no longer connected to myself at all (body-mind-emotions). All of this drained me of life energy over the years and drove me into a certain stagnation - socially, professionally and personally. I have done psychotherapy in the last 3 years. And I can say without lying that none (!) of the previous therapists “picked me up where I am” to the extent that Anna does. From the very first session, I felt a basic trust in Anna and her work, which is not so easy to achieve with me otherwise. Anna is incredibly clear and calm in what she does. The long professional experience, holistic approach and also her complex knowledge in different therapy directions / methods are immediately noticeable. Personally, she has a pleasant mixture of clarity/pragmatism, a lot of sensitivity and warm-heartedness in contact. She always works appreciatively and acceptingly, adjusts exactly to what is going on in every hour. Each session is individual and you go on an inner journey of discovery together. And she always adapts to my pace, which is super comfortable. Anna often has the "seventh sense" and intuitively feels what's going on long before I'm aware of it myself. I have never left a session without a new insight, encouraging positive energy, noticeable grounding and food for thought suitable for everyday use. And if I have difficulties with the implementation in everyday life, we'll see in the next hour where we can adjust a little. Anna taught me a lot of understanding for myself and my situation, we slowly unravel the complex tangle. I don't want to miss the therapy sessions with her anymore and I feel very well looked after!

Anonymous, Jameda review

Benevolence, precision and a sustained shift in attention

I have worked with Anna Schmutte on small and large, physical and emotional issues. At the same time, she works very precisely and holistically, benevolently and directly. I have experienced very beneficial relief and healing from acute local problems (e.g. eye inflammation) through very variable, adapted body work and supplementary advice. In the time of a life crisis, the coaching with body orientation supported me a lot in believing in (my) own path and in pursuing it further. Above all, through working with Anna Schmutte, I learned to pay more attention to myself and others, from which I benefit in the long term.

Anonymous, Jameda

Holistic view

The time, attention and holistic approach offered by Ms. Schmutte impressed me very much and had a lasting positive influence on my existence and especially on my self-reflection. I am very grateful for that and therefore I would definitely recommend Ms. Schmutte to anyone who would like to work on themselves using the Grinberg Method.

Anonymous, Jameda

Saviour in a crisis

Anna helped me wonderfully in a very difficult life situation. Both the Grinberg Method and, in particular, Anna herself have achieved more in a short time than several other therapists and coaches before. Anna immediately grasped my situation and very quickly helped me to regain my stability. And then continue to work on the causes. She is very calm, sensitive and empathetic. But above all: pragmatic. Thank you!

Anonymous, Jameda

Empathetic, professional care

After a somewhat unsuccessful first attempt with another Grinberg therapist, I came to Anna Schmutte and was immediately convinced of her work. She has accompanied me for a year, released old physical patterns and tensions and also initiated and moved a lot on the conversational level. I am deeply grateful to her for her honest, empathetic work.

Anonymous, Jameda

My life has evolved a lot.

When I came to Anna Schmutte, my self-esteem was pretty low. Negative thought spirals and a life situation that seemed depressing and deadlocked to me in some respects manifested itself physically as the tissues of my upper body cramped. Lower back problems accompanied this condition. When I was looking for help, a doctor recommended Anna Schmutte to me with the words "She will ask you the right questions". That's how it happened. On the one hand, Anna helped me through targeted questions to gain insights that caused me to perceive myself differently. On the other hand, her body work with me caused my tissue to relax and the pain disappeared. With the newly won awareness of bodily signals, I can now take better care of myself. In the meantime, my life has developed very strongly in the desired direction, which is why I am very grateful to Anna for her alert, empathetic and solution-oriented manner. It's also good to know that I can go back to Anna at any time when new inner conflicts arise, to talk to her about it and to think about her recommendations.

Anonymous, Jameda

Back in my power

For a long time I've been tormented by self-doubt and disorientation, both in terms of my partnership and professionally. In the conversations with Anna, I always felt accepted and strengthened by her open and empathetic nature. When it came to bodywork, I was skeptical at first, but also curious to try something new. A good decision! The combination of conversation and bodywork made it very easy for me to gain confidence and speak freely about my topics. The inclusion of the body gave me a completely new approach to my feelings. In a wonderful way, Anna saw strengths in me that I had completely filled up with thoughts loops and worries. That helped me a lot to rediscover my worth and to find my strength. Thank you very much!

Anonymous, Jameda

Experienced therapist. Very empathetic and competent.

After a herniated disk 1 year ago, I had pain in my lower back again and was restricted in my movements. The treatment immediately reduced the pain by 80%. I was able to move normally again and felt calmer and more confident. Dealing with constant pain requires a lot of patience and not every therapist has the understanding for this situation. Above all, I can recommend the manual treatment to anyone who has physical pain. To be perceived as a person in a difficult situation and to be treated with the greatest possible empathy is a rarity these days. And that is precisely what is so healing!

Anonymous, Jameda

Empathetic, clear, competent and encouraging - simply good!

I've been coming to Anna Schmutte's practice for a few years now because I just feel like I'm in good hands with her. She gives me the support I need to keep finding clarity on my path in life, to feel the connection to my body. I have already been able to illuminate and clarify many professional questions and crises with her and thus develop in a good way there as well. This time I went to her for a few sessions with vertigo and tinnitus. As an accompanying support to other medical treatments. I was able to discover which personal issues are behind it and through the bodywork and physical exercises I found out what helps me to deal with the vertigo. I like the mix of conversation, body treatment and solution-oriented approach. And I appreciate Anna's warm, approachable, clear, encouraging, pragmatic, accepting and open, non-judgmental manner.

Anonymous, Jameda

Sensitive, competent and simply outstanding

I really felt seen with Anna. She made me aware of my strengths again, especially after the birth of my daughter, when I was totally exhausted and full of self-doubt. Now I'm doing really well again and I know that whenever I need to talk, I can go to Anna and she will put things in order. She just gets things straight!

Anonymous, Jameda

A super help

I took five sessions with Anna Schmutte because I felt completely blocked from making decisions about my future after I had finished my professional life. I suffered from neck and back pain, my self-esteem was falling, and at night I was plagued by anxiety about the future. Ms. Schmutte not only asked me the right questions, but also helped me with her sensitive and at the same time practical way to look at my previous achievements and myself again with appreciation. Her clever and often humorous support meant that I was increasingly able to harmonize my body perceptions, feelings and thoughts. This process, which you initiated with me, is still having an effect. My complaints occur much less frequently and I am increasingly able to tackle the necessary things with self-confidence and confidence. I can now feel when I am putting myself under unnecessary pressure, and with the help of the insights and strategies that Ms. Schmutte imparted, I am becoming better and better at dealing with myself in a relaxed and loving manner. That changed my attitude towards life towards more joy and lightness, and I am very grateful to Ms. Schmutte for that.

Anonymous, Jameda

Big help in a crisis

I came to Anna in an acute mental and physical crisis. She helped me a lot to free myself from old stubborn patterns on the one hand and to process my fears before and after an operation on the other. The physical interventions along with the conversations, in which Anna is calm, smart and to the point, are an incredibly powerful combination. I feel a profound change in myself and can only warmly recommend Anna as a therapist.

Anonymous, Jameda review

Listen to myself and take care of myself

I first came to Anna for no specific reason. Already in the first session I felt recognized by her in an inexplicable way. It soon became clear that there was something that worries me, makes me sad, weakens me - Anna has tracked down things that I didn't even know how much they bother me. She taught me to be more honest with myself and others, to listen to myself more and to take care of myself. The sessions are rarely easy, but always helpful. In just a few hours, Anna moved me more than two full years of psychotherapy.

Nina, 42, interpreter

Solution-focused work

I find Anna to be very empathetic, natural, professional and authentic. Working with her is very solution-oriented for me in many ways, and that's exactly what's important to me. The appointments are always very timely and reliable. Her practice is a cozy & friendly place to relax and work. I can only recommend Anna to anyone who would like to organize a few things for themselves in life.

Delia, 42, makeup artist

"Just like that" - find a new career path

When I came to Anna, I was in the midst of a professional burnout, with no perspective and completely hopeless of ever being able/wanting to work again. Anna showed me very quickly where my real strengths lie and that it is very possible, after 8 years of expertise in an area that I don't want to go back to, to find a new career path. After a few sessions, we had narrowed down what interested me - and that I should dare to go to a relevant specialist conference without obligation, "just for the sake of it". The result was total euphoria about the exciting new topic, with this enthusiasm it was no longer a test of courage to speak to someone there about whether I could do a trial internship. Lo and behold, this is my new employer today - so easy in hindsight, it seemed so incredibly difficult at the beginning... 1000 thanks to Anna!!!

DB, 39, speaker