Grinberg Method

What is the Grinberg Method?

The Grinberg Method is a body therapy developed by Avi Grinberg in the 1970s. It is based on embodiment, i.e. the conscious embodiment of mental and emotional states in order to gain control over them. The Grinberg Method includes approaches from Gestalt therapy, psychodrama, yoga, Feldenkrais, massage and other therapeutic and body-centered approaches. With a combination of conversation, touch, breathing and attention exercises, this body work shows good results in dealing with pain, tension and other psychosomatic symptoms.

Embodiment techniques are also very well suited to becoming aware of one's own behavioral patterns and discovering alternatives to them.

A Grinberg session increases awareness and energy flow in the body through touch and breathing. Restrictive mental and physical attitudes, behaviors and habits are tracked down in order to end them and to get new options for action or to find a new balance.

How does the Grinberg Method work?

The Grinberg Method places the body at the center of therapy/coaching. By paying attention to the body, posture and breathing and by consciously embodying mental/emotional states, it becomes possible to gain control over them and bring about the desired changes.

In a Grinberg session, attention and the flow of energy in the body are increased through touch and breathing. Restrictive mental, emotional and physical attitudes, behaviors and habits are tracked down in order to end them and get new options for action or to achieve a new balance.

Which topics can I work on with the Grinberg Method?

The Grinberg Method is very well suited to learning a new way of dealing with chronic and acute pain, and it also helps with tension and other psychosomatic symptoms.

The Grinberg Method also offers a highly effective approach to becoming aware of your behavioral patterns and discovering alternatives to them, in order to release emotional blockages and to come back into authentic contact with yourself.

One of the reasons why the Grinberg Method is so effective for anxiety disorders and panic attacks is that it teaches you not to be afraid of fear, i.e. to perceive the flow of energy and intensity in the body as such, detached from the supposed danger, and to perceive the breath, the body awareness , to consciously use the sense of space and the anchoring with the ground. The Grinberg Method offers effective physical techniques for self-regulation, and at the same time analyzes and works on the underlying psychological causes of fear and panic.

What happens in a Grinberg session?

First of all, in a conversation with me, you describe what you would like to change, what your goal is and what stands in your way. I use touch, breathing, direction and description to draw your attention to your body. In different positions, such as sitting, standing or lying down, you learn to consciously perceive and influence your posture, behavioral patterns and blockages in your body. Step by step you will gain control of it until you can stop the unwanted pattern from continuing. You can now use the energy that was previously invested in tension and in the automatic repetition of postures.

Why is the Grinberg Method effective?

The Grinberg Method is effective because it combines all levels of perception and relates them to one another: the physical experience and feeling, the cognitive and the emotional level. Oftentimes, coaching and therapy combined with empathic touch and attention to the body have a deeper impact and provide more direct access to your strengths than you can achieve with purely cognitive approaches.

Who is the Grinberg Method suitable for?

The Grinberg Method is suitable for you,

  • if you are looking for holistic therapy
  • if you want to tackle your issues with and through your body
  • if you have the feeling that you have already understood a lot mentally, but the implementation is still difficult
  • if you feel "cerebral" and are looking for access to your emotions
  • if you want a better body feeling
  • if you can already clearly perceive emotional and mental states in your body and want to use this ability for yourself
  • if you have psychosomatic complaints
  • if you have tried psychotherapy before and felt that talking alone did not do you much good
  • or if you're just curious about the Grinberg Method approach.

For whom is the Grinberg Method not suitable?

The body work or body therapy I use according to the Grinberg Method is not medical work. She does not claim to heal, but teaches you to activate the body's self-healing and to develop alternative behaviors through increased awareness. The Grinberg Method does not replace medical or psychiatric treatment or medication. Rather, it offers a good complement to it. In the event of physical or severe mental problems, please first consult a doctor or psychiatrist and clarify whether there is a need for medical treatment or psychotherapy. This is how bodywork can offer you the greatest possible support. Working with the Grinberg Method is not suitable for patients with life-threatening illnesses or for patients who suffer from a serious mental illness.