What happens in a coaching session?

In a coaching session, we explore what goals you have regarding a specific professional or private situation, or in general in your life. We focus on your skills and strengths and determine which self-doubts stand in your way. We then work out the individual steps together that will lead you to your goal. This creates motivation, lightness and flexibility in thinking and feeling and realising your goal becomes realistic and appealing.

Topics for coaching can be, for example: 

  • Career changes
  • Decision making
  • Conflicts (professional or private)
  • Relationship issues
  • the realisation of a project
  • Dealing with a new life situation
  • Stress and time management
  • and many more.

Coaching or Therapy?

The boundaries between coaching and therapy are often fluid. By setting out your goals, you determine the direction of the sessions. Coaching is often about a concrete goal or a specific question that you want to tackle, where a solution-focused approach can make sense. Therapy can also be about understanding, uncovering or processing something, comprehending and eliminating an initially diffuse feeling of discomfort or fear, or getting in touch with yourself and feeling yourself. Goals sometimes only become evident during the therapeutic process, which can then be worked on with coaching methods. Conversely, it can become apparent while working on a concrete goal during a coaching, that it makes sense to have a few therapeutic sessions about an issue, which clearly makes it difficult to work out solution steps for the coaching.