Couples Counselling

Love is … sometimes not really all that easy?

You are seeking support for your relationship because…

  • You want to talk about a difficult subject
  • You argue with one another constantly
  • You have the feeling, that you are stuck with each other
  • You want to clear up misunderstandings, expose and resolve communication problems
  • You want to find a way to cope with emotional hurt
  • One or both of you are afflicted by anxiety
  • You have differing needs from and expectations of your relationship
  • There are difficult cultural differences between you
  • You want a more loving connection with each other
  • You have differing needs and expectations revolving around the topic of sexuality
  • You are uncertain if you want or can remain together
  • You are in the process of breaking up, and want the separation to be fair
  • You do not want to be together as a couple anymore but want to remain and function together as parents
  • or some other theme…

I and my trusted colleague Charles Anderson can offer a safe space within which we can support you in encountering each other in an open and respectful fashion. We can moderate conversations and pose questions, which can offer new insights into your relationship. We can help “translate” misunderstandings from both sides, offer assistance in difficult areas and suggest therapeutic couples-exercises. Naturally, you yourselves are the experts on your relationship and only you can bring change into it.  We can help you with the process.

The couples-sessions can be conducted in English and German.