Negative Emotions

  • Do you often feel shame and don't know why?
  • Do you get angry and short-tempered easily?
  • Are you easily annoyed by other people and do you tend to judge them?
  • Do you tend to devalue your partner and hold them responsible for many things?
  • Do you quickly hurt other people with thoughtless statements and often regret it afterwards?
  • Are you easily jealous, hurt, or afraid of being abandoned?
  • Do you find it difficult to trust and let go? 

Negative feelings can sometimes be so intense and persistent that they disrupt everyday life and poison relationships or make them fail. Anger, grief, fear, shame, and sadness often stem from past experiences and sometimes reach into our present. An emotion-focused coaching or therapy as well as the ego-state approach can help you to understand what triggers these feelings in you, where they come from and how you can solve them or how you can deal with them constructively today.