As a qualified practitioner of the Grinberg Method I offer recovery and learning processes in English, German and Spanish. My particular interests are in the recovery work, as well as working with people who deal with the effects of an abusive trauma, and generally in working with people who want to achieve personal goals and wish to grow stronger and be more free in their lives.

In 2004 I started the studies to become a practitioner of the Grinberg Method and since then I work regularly with clients. I finished the studies in 2008 obtaining the international diploma. In 2007 together with a colleague I opened a center in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, where we continue working together today.

My interest for the body, for movement and expression had already begun before I met the Grinberg Method. In the 1980’s my family moved from Hamburg to the city of Barcelona, where suddenly a big part of my life took place outside, on the streets and by the seaside, being constantly in movement. I discovered that I loved dancing and started to train daily. Back in Hamburg, I studied dance pedagogics and worked with two dance-theatre companies as well as performing own dance pieces for several years, being curious in what moves us as people and in ways to express the stories we experience in our bodies. Following my interest in American literature, I then studied North America studies and took courses in creative writing in Berlin.

At that time, an acute insomnia led me to try out different techniques and therapies. In my first Grinberg Method session I was astonished by the smart yet simple questions the practitioner asked me. It was suddenly clear for me that I need to go further with this. I wanted to be able to do this work with people. While learning to pay attention to my body and stop observing life from my mind, I was feeling continuously more free and healthy.

The radical beauty of the Grinberg Method for me lies in the fact that it teaches self-responsibility in an uncompromised way. It’s a great relief to stop believing „this is how I am, I can’t change it, it’s my personality“. I’m interested in making that moment happen where we stop believing in that and realize we are fully alive, we do have a will and we can decide for ourselves. This moment happens- in the body.

I find it more than worthwhile to facilitate to people the many ways the Grinberg Method offers to be physical and to empower themselves to create the changes they want to achieve. I think that changes begin to happen in ourselves and through this, in our surroundings.

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