• Do you wonder why you are single when everyone else around you is in relationships and starts a family?
  • Can you get along very well on your own, but sometimes loneliness overcomes you? 
  • Have you experienced repeated disappointments in love affairs, which only remained affairs?
  • Do you wonder whether you are actually capable of being in relationships or whether you are afraid of commitment?
  • Do you sometimes ask yourself why you find people attractive who are not good for you or who are already taken?
  • Do you wonder how you can trust again after having been dumped?
  • Do you end up in an emotional dependency far too quickly, even if this time you wanted to make sure it's going to be different?
  • Do you believe that you are more complicated or screwed up, or  just not as adorable as other people?
  • Do you feel stuck in a relationship that doesn't feel right and wonder if you should dare to break up?

If relationships and loneliness are your topics - be it the desire for a fulfilling love relationship, the need to change something in an existing relationship, the fear of abandonment or the fear of breaking up and facing loneliness, you might benefit from a coaching or therapy in order to lead yourself to a change. In coaching or therapy, you get to know and accept yourself more deeply with your desires and fears, blockages and needs. You learn to perceive your own values more precisely and to stand by them. Like this, your self esteem gets a solid foundation, which allows you to look at the topic of relationships from a new angle. Because whether you are single or in a relationship: your life is worth enjoying to the fullest.