• Do you consider yourself an introvert?
  • Do you often enjoy being alone because then you don't have to represent anything to anyone?
  • Does it stress you out if you don't have a moment of retreat during the day?
  • Do you quickly feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed when you are in a group?
  • Do you only thrive when you are alone with one person?
  • Are you quickly unsure whether you are liked?
  • Do you think you're boring because you're most comfortable at home?
  • Do you sometimes wish you were smarter, funnier, louder, and more carefree around people?

Introversion is a quality that is often lost or less valued in our fast-moving society, which is focused on externally visible success. It often goes hand in hand with high sensitivity; people are more sensitive to noise, need more silence, the ability to do things slowly and alone time to recover. Introverts describe being energized by being alone rather than being energized by socializing with people. However, many introverts also suffer from not being able to move freely around people and wish they had more self-confidence in social situations. If you believe you are an introvert and suffer from it, you can take a closer look at your qualities coaching sessions. You will learn to describe what being introverted means to you personally, which difficulties arise from it, what you appreciate about it and what you feel comfortable with. In this way you can gain a new self-image and a confident approach to your being introvert and be proud of who you are.