Anxiety and panic attacks  

Fear and panic can have a paralyzing effect, lead to loneliness and limit personal freedom enormously. People who suffer from social phobia, for example, often avoid situations in which they meet several people. The consequences can be loneliness, a reduced circle of friends and constant doubts about one's own social skills. Fear of being embarrassed, having nothing to say, being bored, and feeling strained in social situations discourages people with social anxiety from making or maintaining existing relationships.

However, if we try to avoid the fear by avoiding the triggers, we often end up in a cycle that creates more fear. Symptoms such as weak knees, tremors, sweating and heart palpitations can be unsettling and also frighten us.  In body-oriented coaching you can develop a new way of dealing with the symptoms of fear and panic. We will deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety and also treat the causes of panic attacks or anxiety. You can learn to stop fear-increasing thoughts and experience that fear can also be invigorating and exciting in a positive sense. When you allow the energy of fear to flow through you, fear no longer stands in your way as a blockage, but inspires you and allows you to feel alive.