Psychosomatic Symptoms

  • Do you suffer from one or more physical symptoms and wonder if it could have something to do with your current life situation?
  • Have you already had a medical examination and no specific cause was found?
  • Have you been taking medication for a long time and would like to try a holistic approach alongside with it? 

Physical symptoms often have a specific physical cause and can also be a sign from the body that you should take care of your mental balance. The word "psychosomatic" is composed by psyche and soma (body) and describes the connection between mental stress and its physical expression. There are many different ways in which the body can express psychological imbalance. Tension pain, insomnia, tightness in the chest, frequent illness, chronic inflammation that keeps you from going on with business as usual are all possible expressions of an overburdened psyche, which doesn’t mean that these symptoms always only have psychological causes. Traumatic experiences also leave traces in the body and can be expressed through symptoms such as pain, numbness or discomfort. In order to interpret your body's signals and to listen to them, it can be helpful to work with body therapy. As a body therapist, in addition to discussions and a thorough analysis of your problem, I will also give you instructions on body awareness and mindful touch, through which you can perceive your own body and resolve possible blockages. By consciously feeling the body, by relaxing tense muscles and stiff parts of the body and by moving and breathing consciously, we can stimulate the flow of energy and thus give the body the opportunity to regulate itself.

Disclaimer: Bodywork is not medical therapy and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment! In any case, a medical examination should be carried out beforehand in order to assess exactly whether and, if so, what kind of medical treatment you need. In this way, bodywork can also bring you the greatest possible benefit as a supplement to any medical treatment that may be necessary.