Implementing projects

Implementing projects (professional, artistic, personal)

Projects that are close to our hearts require determination, courage, focus, planning and sometimes perseverance, especially when it comes to something we want to do on our own: write a book, make a film, conceive a play , found a startup, create a place where something happens… In order to keep clarity and focus in the different stages of your project and not to give up in the face of difficulties or obstacles, it can be helpful to get professional support. Together we will clarify what your goal is, what you need to achieve it, which steps are necessary, at which points you need the courage to leave your comfort zone in order to make new contacts or slip into new roles that have been foreign to you so far, how you deal with stress, what things you want to pay attention to when working with partners, how you are financially positioned, what resources you need, how to create a good work-life balance, and many more.