Eating Disorder

Do you often think about food or about the next meal? Are you watching exactly what and how much you eat? Do you find it difficult to eat with people, spontaneously or differently than planned? Are you only able to eat certain foods because other foods make you anxious or uncomfortable? Do you need to be in total control of your food? Do you love to cook for others, but only allow yourself to eat in very strict moderation? Do you only eat in secret or at night? Once you start, do you not feel the saturation point and keep eating until it's all gone?

Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or a phobic fear of food or certain foods are excruciating and deeply shameful eating disorders. Those affected often try not to let their problem be noticed, which can mean additional stress and social isolation and represents a high psychological burden. A disturbed body image (body schema disorder) and a disturbed feeling of hunger or satiety are often associated with eating disorders. By gently working with your body awareness, your self-image and the emotions associated with the eating disorder, I would like to accompany you step by step to a deeper understanding and a more empathetic view of your problem, and to a loving relationship to develop yourself and your basic needs. During an initial consultation, we can determine which type of support is right for you and whether I am the right person to help you address your problem.