In which cases can I benefit from the Grinberg Method?

You can use the Grinberg Method for different purposes.

In a learning process you will focus on subjects that you find are important for your personal development or that you want to change.

Subjects for a learning process can be

Recovery Process

A recovery process is for people who experience acute physical conditions that noticeably alter their lives, or for people suffering from severe recurring conditions.

Recovery sessions focus on an acute physical condition that demand urgency and precision, in order to reduce the suffering involved as quickly as possible. They don’t substitute any medical treatment but teach people to actively take part in their own recuperation. The client learns how to invest their energy in recovering rather than reacting to their current condition and the pain involved.

Depending on the urgency of your symptom, the frequency of the sessions can vary from several sessions in a day down to one session per week.

Recovery can be useful for the following conditions and symptoms:

If you are not sure whether you can be a client or not, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask.

The following download link contains a booklet about chronic pain. It offers a practical approach to dealing with pain and is useful for those who like to train at home.
Transforming Pain

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