What my clients say

In sessions of the Grinberg Method I discovered the connection between body and soul. It’s amazing to notice the changes that happen in me each time I let go tensions that I must have been keeping in my body for ages.

Michael, Pretoria

Through Anna I met my will. In sessions with her and through her sensitive yet assertive way I found the courage to confront myself with my “unpleasant” emotions like anger and fear. I first started to experience and then to even like the energy within these emotions. After a while I started using them in a new way. I dared to be with my own willpower and I realized that this does not imply being hard or mean to others- the contrary. And by the way, since the sessions with Anna I am much less frequently ill!

Antonia, Berlin

Anna is a genious! During the sessions it was not always pleasant, sometimes it was even painful, but it always helped. I learned a lot about myself.

Kati, Berlin

Having been victim of sexual abuse in my childhood and youth, empathic touch has always been scary and shameful for me. Besides several talking therapies and trauma therapies that were very efficient, working with Anna Schmutte was very helpful for me to regain a beautiful access to my body, my sexuality and my emotions.

Björn, Berlin

Anna and the Grinberg Method helped me to be true to myself. I recovered parts of my serenity, my joy of life and my self esteem, which seemed to be lost after several traumatic incidents (bone fracture, end of a relationship, abusive behaviour of others). In sessions with Anna I learned both to integrate the physical consequences of the bone fracture as well as the deep sadness that it had provoked in me, and I realized that surprisingly, when I accepted them as a part of who I am- they passed!

Eva, Berlin

The Grinberg Method helped me to deal with conflicts and subjects that I am working with from a new angle. The work with Anna Schmutte was valuable for me and supported me in implementing those changes in my life.

Stephan, Berlin

The skin of my face was tingling around my nose, eyes and forehead. I went to doctors, did all kinds of health checks and it turned out that everything was okay. Then I came to the Grinberg Method and Anna Schmutte. She observed my feet, touched them, made me notice the way I hold my eyes and how rigid my view was. We talked little. She touched me, it was painful, I breathed. It was pleasant to feel myself. In the following sessions I had to ask myself many very practical questions. Anna was my compass. She made me notice the tension in my body and the effort I was doing while trying to protect myself by muscle tension.

Now I can communicate with my body. Life can be light. The challenges remain but I know whom I can trust: my body.

Katrin, Berlin

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